At South Coast Hearing, our audiologists provide comprehensive hearing examinations to determine your hearing abilities. Additionally, our evaluations include conversations about your personal medical and hearing history.

Following the conversations, our audiologists will perform a physical examination of your ear to identify if there is blockage or injury to any part of your ear, canals, and eardrums. If there are related medical conditions, such as tumor or head injury, we will recommend seeing a doctor.

After the physical examination, we will perform a series of hearing tests to assess your hearing abilities. The hearing tests will determine your hearing abilities, the cause of your hearing loss, the degree and configuration of your hearing loss (one or both ears) and will inform the best treatment options.
On-site hearing tests at South Coast include: pure-tone testing (to determine the faintest tones and frequencies you can hear); speech recognition; auditory brainstem response; otoacoustic emissions; and tests of the middle ear (tympanometry, acoustic reflex measures, and static acoustic measures).

Hearing tests are recorded in an audiogram, from which your audiologist will determine your hearing abilities. The audiogram will inform whether treatment is necessary. We will walk you through the results and the next steps to bettering your hearing health.

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